Six Steps Toward Great Design and User Experience

Great design does not come in one click. In fact, nothing great comes in the blink of an eye, you need to put in efforts to achieve what you want. There are many steps toward getting that appealing design that attract the visitors and gain their loyalty to always keep coming back for more. Web design Malaysia uses six key steps to get that final result. What are those six key steps?

  • Research

Check your current industry trend. What are your competitors currently doing? What do the people want today? How is the trend in technology or web design itself? Ask yourself a lot of questions, and take your time to do some research. Research is very important as the basis to your actions in the next steps.

  • Define your goal

After you did thorough research, you can now define what you are looking to accomplish in both business and technology wise. List them down.

  • Ideate

Translate your goal to to web design. How can your business goals turn to colors, forms, layouts, and styles that your website possess? Can any business process be streamlined?

  • Prototype

Create your first sample of the product. Start from low fidelity design such as wireframe to more high fidelity design that can be shown for testing.

  • Test

Let at least five people to test your prototype. List down all feedback that you get from your testers. You should have a test scenario so your testers would step the overall process of the website, not just a few.

  • Repeat from #3

Having your testers’ feedback, go back to step #3. Solve their issues with your web design and usability. Repeat step #3 to #5 until no more major feedback.

Those are six key steps that are used by web designers at Web Design Malaysia to maximize their web design. A great web design should come from thorough research and good deal of effort.